Metro Medic

Walk-in Medical

Urgent Care Metro Medic Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic in New Bedford, MA

We provide care for patients who need immediate care for non-life threatening health care issues such as:

  • Sprains, fractures broken bones
  • Foreign body removal from different parts of the body including eyes
  • Cuts-lacerations and suturing
  • Animal and insect exposure
  • Poison ivy
  • First and Second degree burns

Auto Accidents

We have served the injured for over 20 years due to auto injuries.

We work with all auto insurance carriers and lawyers and in the event of not having any attorney we do all paperwork for the patient as a part of our service.

We offer all accident care under one roof that includes digital x-rays and management of the injuries by physical therapies and chiropractic care.

We work with the insurance companies, lawyers and patients to resolve their cases in a timely manner.